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 Human Canon's

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Cat Valentine

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PostSubject: Human Canon's   Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:05 am


Mr. Sikowitz - Eric Lange

Mr. Sikowitz is the school's barefoot acting teacher. He has strange methods of teaching. Tori (and possibly everyone else) believes he is crazy. He also loves drinking coconut milk because it gives him "visions."

Mr. Vega - Jim Pirri
Mrs. Vega - Jennifer Carta

These are Tori and Trina's parents. They are typical parents from a teenager's point of view: caring parents that look after their kids, but can be embarrassments sometimes. Mr.Vega is a cop.

Lane - Lane Napper

Lane is the school guidance counselor. He often helps resolve problems and catches students who ditch classes. He also helps build connection and understanding between characters

Mrs. Harris - Renee Taylor

She is Andre's crazed grandmother. She is scared of: people, rabbis, breakfast food, bikinis, etc. She is scared of digital clock numbers changing and seeing herself in mirrors. She doesn't understand the internet and apparently lost her mind.


Tori Vega - Victoria Justice

Tori grew up living in the shadow of her much louder, older sister, Trina. She didn't know how much natural talent she had. After accidentally enrolling at Hollywood Arts, she soon discovers that she was meant to perfom and that entertaining people makes her happy.

Trina Vega - Daniella Monet

Trina loves being the centre of attention! She's very sweet but can sometimes come across as a show-off. She believes that stardom is her destiny but she definitely needs to spend a bit more time practising.

André Harris - Leon Thomas III

Laid-back, charming and an amazingly gifted musician, André is Tori's best friend. He admires Tori's talent and was the one who encouraged Tori to give Hollywood Arts a shot. André is really creative and respected by all.

Beck Oliver - Avan Jogia

He's totally hot! Alright, he's also one of the most respected and modest actors at Hollywood Arts. It's amazing how his relationship with his girlfriend, Jade, works. He often sticks up for Tori when Jade teases her but mostly does what his girlfriend says.

Jade West - Elizabeth Gillies

Not quite goth, not exactly emo, Jade has a dark personality and thinks that anyone outside of her group of friends stinks. She is totally devoted to her boyfriend, Beck. Jade worked really hard to get into Hollywood Arts, so she looks down on Tori because she thinks she got in too easily.

Cat Valentine - Ariana Grande

Cat is a total sweetheart. A full-on over-actor, Cat's reactions always go to the max. She's easily pleased but also really sensitive, so people need to be very clear when speaking to her.

Robbie Shapiro - Matt Bennett

Awkward, shy and lacking in the smooth factor, Robbie is an amazing ventriloquist who uses Rex, his puppet, to represent his alter-ego, who is a guy with attitude and wit.

Sinjin Van Cleef - Michael Eric Reid

Sinjin is a nerdy, dorky and somewhat creepy boy who collects the teeth of the relatives of past presidents. He claims to be in love with Jade, but she absolutely cannot stand him. He says he is "backup" when she dumps Beck.

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Human Canon's
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